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  • Latest Edition Celebration News Letter February 2015 Issue 13

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    Sheila Simms Watson - The Miami Midwife Greetings...Welcome to the Spirit of Life Celebration Newsletter for Winter. Miami Midwife Sheila Simms Watson … here to talk about postpartum health topics"

    In this edition of the Celebration of Life newsletter, the team at Spirit of Life Midwifery have put together some great topics around the subject of Postpartum Health.

    We often act as if we have nothing to learn from the Third World. Yet many of these cultures are doing something extraordinarily right--especially in how they care for new mothers. In their classic paper, Stern and Kruckman (1983) present an anthropological critique of the literature. They found that in the cultures they studied, postpartum disorders, including the “baby blues,” were virtually non-existent.

    In contrast, 50% to 85% of new mothers in industrialized nations experience the “baby blues,” and 15% to 25% (or more) experience postpartum depression. Read along as we try to provide some resoures to help make a difference for new mothers


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