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  • I Now Offer Traditional Bengkung Belly Binding

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    • December Blast Newsletter Issue #17
    The Bengkung Belly Bind is a traditional Malaysian technique of binding the abdominal area after childbirth. Postpartum wrapping of the belly is an effective and important part of a mama’s recovery. Sheila Simms Watson is a certified wrap artist through Sacred Pregnancy and is serving the women of Miami, South Dade County and surrounding areas.

    What is a Bengkung Belly Bind?

    It is a traditional Malaysian technique of binding the abdominal area postpartum. Binding provides support and comfort to the muscles, skin and internal organs. It helps with the healing to a mom's body after childbirth. Diastasis recti is a condition where the muscles separate and vertical abdominal muscles widen and thin to accommodate the growing baby. It can lead to cronic problems, like back pain, hernias and a bulging abdomen. Binding supports the healing muscle walls, support healthy posture. Many women consider binding to also be emotionally healing buring postpartum recovery. Binding is considered a ceremony of “sealing” the body in which pregnancy ends and the woman now transitions into motherhood. Binding is also good after a miscarriage.

      Benefits of Bengkung Belly Binding

    • It helps to slim the rib cage, belly and hips.
    • Pulls in the separated abdominal muscles from diastasis recti.
    • Prevents back pain. While wearing it, you are reminded to sit and walk straight, a good antidote to the “nursing-slouch”.
    • Decreases postpartum bleeding time by speeding up the process of getting rid of waste blood in a natural way.
    • Relieves water retention, Accelerates fat burning and Improves circulation
    • It’s an ancient traditional way of healing after birth including c- section.
    • It feels good!
      • Bengkung Belly Binding
      • Bengkung Belly Binding
      • Bengkung Belly Binding
      • Bengkung Belly Binding

    If you have any questions or you wish to book your Belly Binding Session please contact Sheila now!