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  • Placentophagy for Postpartum Healing

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    by Sara Arrate

    • Spirit of Life Feature Article Placentophagy for Postpartum Healing by Sara Arrate
    Women have been consuming their placentas for centuries around the world. Placentophagy is the act of consuming your placenta post birth. The placenta is a miraculous organ that grows from the time of conception and eventually takes over the role of hormone production to sustain your pregnancy. It is also the “life force” that supplies your growing baby with nutrients as well as a means of waste disposal. The placenta and baby also have a spiritual connection. Each placenta holds the energy that baby needs to thrive and grow on this very sacred level.This is the only disposable organ ever made.

    During pregnancy the placenta produces many hormones including a natural stress relieving hormone known to help balance the body called Cortisone.

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    Here are some of the other amazing hormones your placenta contains and how they can help in healing your body postpartum:

    • Oxytocin: The feel good or “love” hormone
    • Interferon- Stimulates the immune system to fight off infection
    • Prostaglandins-
    • Anti- Inflammatory properties
    • Hemoglobin- Replenishes Iron
    • Urokinase inhibiting factor an factor XIII- Lessons bleeding and promotes faster healing
    • Prolactin- Stimulates healthy mammary function and milk production

    You may be wondering. What is the best way to consume my placenta for maximum healing. The answer to that question is in multiple ways. There are five main ways in which I recommend using your placenta for healing

    Raw Placenta Smoothie -

    a walnut sized piece of RAW placenta in form of a delicious and nutritious smoothie post birth.

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    The taste is just like a regular smoothie no after taste if you are concerned. The benefits of consuming your placenta this way include an immediate feeling of balancing and energy, internal wound healing,and lessoning of postpartum bleeding (lochia). This will also help hold you over until your placenta pills are ready.

    RAW/ TCM Placenta Encapsulation(pills)-

    The RAW method is based on the theory that RAW foods not heated to a temperature over 125F will have retain their maximum nutrient content. After the dehydration process your placenta is lovingly placed into capsules.

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    The TCM or “warm” method is based on Traditional Chinese medicine belief that only things that are warm or steamed should enter the body for optimal healing. Your placenta is steamed with fresh ginger then dehydrated and placed into capsules. Placenta pills are most beneficial 6-8 weeks postpartum. For the best results you want to start taking them by day three when your body realizes there is no longer a baby in your womb. They can help transition you into the fourth trimester by keeping baby blues and postpartum depression at bay,increasing your milk supply, replenishing iron supplies, and offering a constant flow of oxytocin long after your birth euphoria ends.

    Placenta Tincture -

    This powerful remedy will last lifetime. A walnut sized piece of placenta is placed in 95% alcohol mixture and steeps there to create a remedy that can be beneficial for both mother and baby. Mom can use this potent remedy for all types of hormone balancing from PMS to Menopause. If you have a daughter she can use it during her moon cycles as well.

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    Homeopathic Immunity /Teething Pellets -This would be the best way for your baby to get all the healing power of a a tincture in a safe, easy way. A small portion of tincture is taken to make a Mother tincture. This is then used to create pellets which can be given to baby to boost immunity or in times of stress and transition.

    Placenta Salve -

    An all organic healing balm is made from Comfrey, plantain oil, almond oil, and freshly dried calendula flowers. The balm can be used to heal Cesarian scars,cracked nipples, eczema,diaper rash and sunburns.

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    If you are feeling adventurous Raw dark chocolate placenta truffles, chia seed puddings and almost anything else you can imagine can be created from your beautiful placenta to give you the best postpartum healing experience possible.