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  • Latest Edition Celebration Newsletter September 2015 Issue 14

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    Greetings...Welcome to the Spirit of Life Celebration Newsletter for Summer - Fall. Miami Midwife Sheila Simms Watson … here to talk about Holistic Parenting Your Natural Baby"

    In this edition of the Celebration of Life newsletter, the team at Spirit of Life Midwifery have put together some great topics around the subject of holistic parenting.

    Excerpted from Holistic Parenting Magazine..."We recognize the cornerstones of Holistic Parenting to be self knowledge and personal responsibility, a good understanding of and respect for our children’s biological and emotional needs. We view all aspects and practices of parenting as intimately interconnected to the whole family and the whole cosmos. Holistic Parenting is an evolutionary journey; no two families are alike!"

    Every parent has been trained to believe that when his or her child is ill we must immediately treat a problem. This is typically the regimen with over-the-counter medications or prescription drugs. Our culture has evolved to a chemical consciousness, assuming that all our ills should be treated. Could it be possible that we could trust our body’s inborn intelligence to know what to do? - See more at:

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