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Sheila Simms Watson, Licensed Florida Midwife (LM) and Certified Professional Midwife (CPM), provides a range of comprehensive services such as prenatal care, homebirth and water birth. In addition, she provides pre-conception care/counseling to persons that are thinking about becoming pregnant, as well as annual exams and well-woman care for women throughout their life cycles. Learn More»

Labor & Birth

At Spirit of Life Traditional Midwifery, Sheila and her team are with you throughout your labor and birth, wherever you choose to birth. Spirit of Life Traditional Midwifery specializes in home and water births, homebirth is our specialty... Learn More»

Prenatal & Postpartum care

Explanations of normalcy will be given during these prenatal visits, as well identification of risks and how they are managed. Our time together will help to create a relationship based on mutual trust and respect. During prenatal visits we spend ample time together preparing and getting you ready to birth your baby.Learn More»
After your baby is born... your birth team will remain with you until you and your baby are ready to be on your own. During those first few hours, Sheila will be assessing you and your baby for continued health and she will complete a full physical exam on your baby. Learn More»

Well Woman Care

Well Woman Care is important during all aspects of a woman’s life. As a woman changes so does the focus on health issues – everything from general health and nutrition to fertility education, healthy pregnancy, labor, childcare, menopause and beyond. Learn More»

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Meet The Miami Midwife

Traditional midwifery is my life’s mission and passion and I am so honored to be a part of the wonderful tradition of midwifery -supporting, caring for and being “with woman”. Giving birth is a powerful, magical time in a woman’s life – a creative, life-affirming and life-giving experience that finds expression in a diversity of ways – ways that are right for that woman and baby. It is a time of great transformation when women are growing and maturing not only in body, but also heart and mind. I honor childbirth as a rite of passage, a celebration of life!!! I know that midwives make a difference. Read Sheila's Full Profile

We Believe...

Midwifery is an attitude about women, about how pregnancy and birth occur, and a view that pregnancy and birth are normal events until proven otherwise. It is an attitude of giving and of sharing. Read More»

Request for Birth Stories

I am excited to announce the development activities for my new website project. Spirit of Life Traditional Midwifery's new website will focus on creating an online informational site specializing in traditional midwifery services to meet the need for alternative, traditional, and out of hospital maternity services in the geographic areas of Miami-Dade County and Monroe County.

I am looking for your incredible birth stories as part of my site development project. To Get Started: Click here or paste it into your browser: URL:
http://www.spiritoflifemidwifery.com/ BirthStoriesForm_PD.htm
This link will take you to the form to add your own homebirth or water birth experience story to my website.

I appreciate your participation and support,
  Sheila Simms Watson LM, CPM Owner of Spirit of Life Traditional Midwifery of Miami, FL
Sheila Simms Watson, LM, CPM,
Spirit Of Life Traditional Midwifery

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